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It can handle inventory items assembled from other items and components, generate purchase orders from sales orders and estimates, apply price levels to individual items, export report templates, produce budgets and forecasts, work with different units of measure for items, and it offers enhanced invoicing for time and nojprofit. Smooth Reporting. Upgrade MAC.


Quickbooks premier nonprofit edition 2013


Font sizes also vary to reinforce the hierarchy of information. One downside to this new look is that windows take up more space on your screen—but the feature described in the next bullet point can help with that. The changes to the user interface are bound to generate a swell of feedback. The Transactions tab displays all the transactions for that customer, and you can filter those transactions by type invoices, credit memos, payments, and so on , status such as open or all , and date.

When you click the Contacts tab, you can create and manage multiple contacts, from the president to the accounting manager to the receptionist who knows where to find everyone.

Similarly, the Notes tab is where you create and manage notes you record. In previous versions, you could add as many notes as you wanted, but they all resided in one field in the Edit Note dialog box. On the Notes tabs, you can scan the list of individual notes, create new ones, or edit and delete existing ones.

You can set preferences to make QuickBooks mark all your time and expenses as billable or non-billable. If you bill time only once in a while, turn this checkbox off so that time records are marked as non-billable unless you make them billable.

Then, in windows such as Enter Bills and Write Checks, expenses you add are automatically marked as billable. If you bill only a few of your expenses, turn this checkbox off. The left icon bar Menus and the Icon Bars is a new option that helps you access a variety of QuickBooks elements, including shortcuts to your favorite features, the QuickBooks windows that are open, applications you use, and to-dos that are on the horizon.

When you click this button, a compact version of the Find dialog box opens so you can specify search criteria, such as customer name, date, bill number, or amount. When you run a business or a nonprofit , you track company finances for two reasons: to keep your business running smoothly and to generate the reports required by the IRS, SEC, and anyone else you have to answer to.

QuickBooks helps you perform basic financial tasks, track your financial situation, and manage your business to make it even better. Work with more than 14, unique inventory items or 14, contact names. QuickBooks Pro and Premier company files can hold up to 14, inventory items and a combined total of up to 14, customer, vendor, employee, and other Other Names List names. The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions version makes the number of names virtually unlimited. Track personal finances.

In addition to opening a separate checking account for your business, track your personal finances somewhere else like in Quicken. If you do decide to use QuickBooks, at least create a separate company file for your personal financial info. Track the performance of stocks and bonds. But companies have investments, too, of course. A machine that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars is an investment that you hope will generate lots of income, and you should track it in QuickBooks.

However, in QuickBooks, these types of investments show up as assets of the company Fixed Asset Items. Manage specialized details about customer relationships. Lots of information goes into keeping customers happy. You can also keep track of leads before they turn into customers. But if you need to track details for thousands of members or customers, items sold on consignment, project progress, or tasks related to managing projects, a customer-management program or program like Microsoft Excel or Access might be a better solution.

Some third-party customer-management programs integrate with QuickBooks Working with Leads. QuickBooks comes in a gamut of editions, offering options for organizations at both ends of the small-business spectrum. QuickBooks Pro handles the basic needs of most businesses, whereas Enterprise Solutions the most robust and powerful edition of QuickBooks boasts enhanced features and speed for the biggest of small businesses.

Likewise, features vary in the editions for different countries; this book focuses on the U. This book focuses on QuickBooks Pro because its balance of features and price make it the most popular edition. QuickBooks Online Simple Start is a low-cost online option for small businesses with very simple accounting needs and only one person running QuickBooks at a time. You can download transactions from only one bank or credit card account. QuickBooks Online Essentials allows up to three people to run QuickBooks at a time and lets you connect to as many bank or credit card accounts as you want.

As its name suggests, it offers essential features like automated invoicing, creating estimates, and entering bills. However, the online editions are subscription-based, so you pay a monthly fee to use the software. QuickBooks Pro is the workhorse edition. It lets up to three people work on a company file at a time. QuickBooks Pro includes features for tasks such as invoicing; entering and paying bills; job costing; creating estimates; saving and distributing reports and forms as email attachments; creating budgets; projecting cash flow; tracking mileage; customizing forms; customizing prices with price levels; printing shipping labels; and integrating with Word, Excel, and hundreds of other programs.

Other lists, like the Chart of Accounts, can have up to 10, entries each. QuickBooks Pro Plus is a subscription product that costs a little more than the one-time license fee you pay for QuickBooks Pro, but QuickBooks Pro Plus offers mobile access, unlimited phone support, and always-up-to-date software. Similarly, QuickBooks Premier Plus is the premier version of the subscription product.

QuickBooks Premier is another multiuser edition. It can handle inventory items assembled from other items and components, generate purchase orders from sales orders and estimates, apply price levels to individual items, export report templates, produce budgets and forecasts, work with different units of measure for items, and it offers enhanced invoicing for time and expenses.

This edition also includes a few extra features like reversing general journal entries. When you purchase QuickBooks Premier, you can choose from six different industry-specific flavors see the next section. Like the Pro edition, Premier can handle a combined total of up to 14, list entries. Enterprise Solutions is the edition for larger operations. Up to 30 people can access a company file at the same time, and this simultaneous access is at least twice as fast as in the Pro or Premier edition.

The database can handle lots more names in its customer, vendor, employee, and other name lists 1 million versus 14, for Pro and Premier. You can handle inventory in multiple warehouses or stores, and produce combined reports for those companies and locations. And because more people can be in your company file, this edition has features such as an enhanced audit trail, more options for assigning or limiting user permissions, and the ability to delegate administrative functions to the other people using the program.

And if you subscribe to Advanced Inventory, you can value inventory by using first-in first-out FIFO inventory valuation. Your local office supply store, Amazon. It only takes about minutes to create a new company file. Data entry screens are easily navigated and offer several function tabs that allow users to create a copy, memorize the transaction, and attach files.

Intuit also offers a long list of add-on options that further the functionality of QuickBooks Premier, including a Credit Card option, for easy credit card processing using QuickBooks, and the ability to manage any additional apps. The latest version of QuickBooks can accommodate up to 30 users, giving smaller businesses more flexibility, as the software can grow as they do.

QuickBooks installs a default chart of accounts once users choose the industry specific version they wish to use. The United Way chart of accounts is also available for use in the nonprofit version as well. Classes take the place of actual fund accounting, where users can set up various classes that can be utilized much the same way as funds are in other nonprofit software products.

A big improvement is the use of nonprofit specific vocabulary throughout the product. QuickBooks users can easily process multiple transaction types, and the addition of new navigation ribbon which features new function buttons in the transaction entry screens allows users to easily set up recurring invoices or bills, copy an invoice, or split an invoice. QuickBooks users can enter a separate budget for each account, with expenses for separate funds or grants handled by classes, where a separate budget can be set up for each class.

Donor detail is handled through the customer center, and a separate area allows users to enter donations as received. Users can choose to enter specific customer types in order to track donations. Like funds, grants can be set up in the Classes function with related income and expenses tracked accordingly.

QuickBooks offers solid audit trail functionality, with the ability to run the audit management report to monitor all system activity.

QuickBooks offers excellent e-features including electronic bill payment and acceptance, the ability to email invoices and statements, and the ability to access the system directly, using the hosting service, ideal for accountants. QuickBooks Snapshots offers users customizable dashboard reports that highlight company, payment, and customer data, with users able to quickly choose the criteria they desire.

Ideal for nonprofits, the customer snapshot offers a look at organization activity, including AR, recent donations, and donor history. QuickBooks offers user-level password protection, with management able to assign system users to a specific group or level. If you need to access more than three users then it is recommended to use QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Desktop Special Thanks For visit www.

Vote count: 0. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Disclaimer : We are a third party agency working on providing authentic support and full fledged services for for accounting software QuickBooks version. It is one of… Read more. User Navigation. QB PRO System Requirements. The downloading procedure is identical to all the other edition here is the list of downloading steps you need to follow: First of all, discover a trustworthy website to proceed with the downloading process Find the download and update web page of the website After this, you need to follow the below-mentioned downloading instructions carefully Click on the Download and Update window It will pop up on the page Select the desired country, product name, and version of QuickBooks you need to download Click on the required year It will redirect you to the page to start the downloading process Hit on the download button It will begin the downloading process You need to wait for some time until the process completes Once done click on the Start option and type downloads Hit an enter button It will redirect you to downloading page After this explore the downloads folder to click on the downloaded.

QB Premier Features of QuickBooks Premier If you want to get all the exclusive options of the pro version and additional features then QuickBooks premier is the better choice. Below is the list of major highlights of the features of QuickBooks Premier Edition of : Home page improved appearance: The Home page lets you a big and clear pictures of all ongoing business tasks. It automatically displays during the opening of the company file.

Use the menu for fast access. Also, you get many shortcuts with the icon bar. Customize shortcuts: You can create customize shortcuts by locating the customize shortcuts.

Center usage: In this, there are three main centers available for each customer, employee, and vendor. Use these centers to view the information of the vendor, customer, and employees. It let you manage the accounting tasks and transactions by opening multiple windows.

The working procedure is the same for all the centers. Get paid easy: You can easily create invoices, receive payment effortlessly, create deposits after receiving the customer payment; you can even track the purchases in the write checks, write the bills and also fill into the credit charge windows. Also, use the write check windows easily. Ease of entering bills: Their available enter the bills window to track the details of how much you owe.

The procedure is very simple, discover the Vendors section and click on enter bills or pay bills. Report center: Boost the management and presentation of the reports with better formatting. You can use the report center to manage more than 80 reports and also find the specific report according to the requirement. Moreover, you can view your favorite report and change the appearance of the report.

Company snapshot: Real-time company information is easy to monitor! This version lets you use the company snapshot to view all the ongoing processes from a single place. You can even compare your monthly income and expenses. Quick access to social profiles: This QuickBooks version provides you quick access to social network profiles.

Store multiple phone numbers, email, and website addresses easily. It will help you make better decisions. Better readability: In this, you will get an improved appearance of the font.

It contains a refined color scheme to enhance the readability to assist you to focus on the task at hand. Industry-specific reports: It let you access the industry-specific options and reports as well to enhance your productivity. QB Enterprise It will let you better bookkeeping management with the series of appending and time-saving features: Barcode Scanning: Reduced complexity through advanced inventory features.

It includes scanning serial numbers and items, enhancing efficiency, and reducing data entry challenges. It let automatic scanning highlights in the right field. In case you need to implement the barcodes then it allows you to use QuickBooks to make it easy.

A USB barcode scanner is required to use this feature. Bin location Tracker: This feature lets your company simplify the monitoring of the specific inventory items and place them according to the bin location level.

It is compatible with multiple warehouse locations. Additionally while working with forms you would be able to view the serial numbers and quantifies them for each bin. QB Accountants Manage the clients with Toggle to another edition option: It is a fundamental requirement of Accounting professionals to view the common interface their client views using QuickBooks.

Mainly when they are doing meetings and dealing with their clients through phone calls. Fortunately, a new feature named toggle was introduced in QuickBooks accountant in It helps the accountant to track the information visible to their client. This way this option is used to access the menu item reports that the client using to advise. The toggle feature is useful to simplify the over-the-phone consulting functions.

Multi-Instance feature: It is one of the powerful options beneficial for accounting professionals. Whenever they need to address multiple files at a time or open the company data file of the client this multi-instance is more useful. It helps to open the company data file of the client to track the loans and other reconciling reports and data files.

Moreover, one can record the time tracking and client invoice File Manager: It is a new and most powerful feature available in QuickBooks Accountant It boosts productivity with the ability to handle challenges.

As in the previous version it had become a more burdensome task to have a secured platform for storing all the credential information including passwords. Fortunately, here available an improved file manager for easy access to all the charts of accounts from one to another file during setup.

The Starter copy: This is an amazing option to let accounting professionals use the past information on the client company files at the time of creating the new client company files in the software. It is one of the useful features while setting up new companies. It clones the company setup and then uses it to make a new company file. Auto-reversing journal entries: It allows the user to access all the past entered entries and choose the reverse icon that appears at the top corner of the journal window in the main section.

Accountant Centre: It is a new improvement in the QuickBooks accountant edition; it breezes the complex workflow with single-click access to the resources and tools. Moreover, it makes it possible to access the other features in the Accountant Centre with one click. Advantage of QuickBooks Accountant The starter copy is used to clone the past company file setup and then further use in the new company file File Managers let the accounting professionals view all the client files related to QuickBooks in one spot and also sort them according to the type, version, location, and last modified date.

It also helps to display the complete summary of the company file information like the report basis, company tax year, and the financial tax year No worries about the security! QB POS You can stay running at the retail location during operation.

Additionally, you can go for credit card payments anywhere across the world with the presence of a cellular signal. GoPayment reader is awesome! Pre-built sales report: It contains more than 50 pre-built inventory reports, sales, and customers. Also, have an option to customize your own reports to boost the reporting potential.

These include reporting functionality and many limitless procedures to display and view the data on the reports to make the best business decision. More secure: It contains password protection features to process the payments in a secure way. Better sales tracking: Accurate and quick visible options are available to track inventory! Also discover the inventory tasks, reports, and items from a single source. Credit card payments in minutes : You did not need to wait for the credit card payments.

With fewer clicks, you are all done with the payment in a more secure manner Improve management: It helps in enhancing efficiency with the use of improved stocking and the ability to sort the receipts and list location-wise.

Unable to use pro features on QuickBooks pos client? Once done now follow the jotted down steps: Step1 -When there is wrong company data then you need to check the server workstation and data files list and then choose the right data and then click on the Ok button Step2 -Make sure that the POS data file has a unique name Step3- Check the Client and work station are working.

After this fill in the Server Workstation computer name and POS company data file name and then choose the OK button Step4- Check the data files of the server workstation and then try to open the workstation that has raised the request to connect the active data Step 5- Check the network connection and configuration: verify the network cables of both client and server workstations.

Step 6- verify the Firewall settings blocking the connection: Ensure that you have administrative rights. If an error message pops up saying unable to access the connection then click on yes to permit the connection. QB MAC QB Professional Desktop Trial Link. Procedure to activate the trial link: You can activate QuickBooks either with a license number or with a cracked file.

To activate QuickBooks using a product and license number, follow the steps provided below: Launch QuickBooks Desktop. Go to the Help menu. Select Activate QuickBooks Desktop. Follow on-screen instructions to verify the purchase. Copy the cracked file. Paste the cracked file in the folder in which QuickBooks is installed.

Authorize the replacement of the original file. Install Latest Version. Prepare Company File Data.