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The generation of a batch script allows you to automate the synchronisation, which you set up in the GUI. Copy NTFS extended attributes compressed, encrypted, sparse. Don’t process and log folder pair if nothing to do except writing DB file.


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As a fellow software developer, I appreciate your hard work and wish you all the best. Thank you for this great sync tool. I use it to back up to my external USB hard disks. Great software! Keep it up. For years this has been my go-to for keeping my external hard drives up-to-date.

To me, the best file sync tool! No bugs, everything is clear, constant updates. And very simple to use. Great app! I’ve been using it for many years — it really helps and saves a lot of time. Tried half a dozen packages till I found yours. Wish I’d found it first — does everything I need. FreeFileSync is essential for my backup strategy! Thank You! This is the sync program that I will work with from now on.

I am very grateful for its existence. Thanks — Hartmut Boesch. FreeFileSync rocks! I use it for my backups and I’m looking forward to the auto-update feature. Awesome product! Can’t wait to utilize all the great features in the free software.

The best file sync tool ever. I use it every day to sync and backup my data. Thank you — Salim Belgroune. Beyond being a great piece of software, FFS has saved my butt a couple of times!

Much better than Microsoft Briefcase to which I held on for much too long. Thanks for your work. I keep my info backed up with a click. Easy to use and understand. Thank you for your hard work. Like using your program. I like the way you can fine tune the rules for backing up each folder.

Hi, Dev! Congratulations for the Software. It’s very useful. Keep developing it! Big hug! Works great — just what I was looking for. Thanks for allowing me to evaluate free of charge. Thank you for FreeFileSync! Works nicely and is slick after figuring out all the options ;- — Lex.

I have found it to be the best file sync software I have used, of the many I’ve tried to date. Well done! I love this software. This is the best software for synchronization.

Thanks for the program! Exactly what I was looking for and better than I expected! Love the great cross-platform support! GREAT work guys! I’m counting on you for my personal syncing among my backup drives. One of the most useful utility programs that I have come across and which I use repeatedly!

Great program. Good work. It’s a very good program! Very useful! Thank you for creating this program. From South Korea — Kim Han.

Thanks for the terrific program. Needed a Briefcase replacement. Got that and much more! Thanks for keeping it ad free! Love this software and couldn’t do my backups without it! Thanks for this wonderful sync tool that simply works where many others fail miserably! And go on! Awesome application.

Really fast performance, and it works exactly as you would expect. I am using it since I don’t remember. Easy, reliable, good. I recommend to anyone. One of the best software programs I’ve used and I’ve used a lot in the past 40 years.

This has been my goto file sync tool for years. Solid as a rock. Previously only DSynchronise was close in terms of reliability having tried a whole load of free and paid-for software.

Super easy to use and runs flawlessly. The one thing I would wish for is the ability to automate running various configuration profiles or batch files. I,ve done so by creating a. Thanks to the author for this little gem. FreeFileSync is truly a fantastic program and it is portable too. I have installed it on an USB stick. I had been using Syncback for over 5 years. I found that FreeFileSync is the only open source freeware that can match the paid version of Syncback software in terms of speed in handling folders with huge number of files up to 30Gb.

Its web site says FreeFileSync can run in Linux as well. Many thanks to the author Mr. I am sure this software will in time become an extremely popular download. This free sync program is the best! No need for commercial products anymore after discovering this. Been using it for a few months now. Never gonna look back! With each new release speed and features have increased.

There is no comparison. FreeFileSync is one of finest and most important applications ever written. It works perfectly and handles a critically important computer task that too few people do. Vice Versa had at least one fatal flaw that was insurmountable: If folders had to be created on the destination side, they were created in all lower-case, regardless of the case of the source side. Consequently, the subsequent compare always failed. Their tech support was supposedly unaware of the problem, could not resolve it, and eventually avoided further contact.

FreeFileSync is as good as it gets. I love this program. It’s the best file syncher out there and the fact it is open source makes it better. Now with a x64 version it is superior to anything else out there. This has become my favorite file synchronization tool. Even Araxis Merge seems to have lost its appeal. Also, with the ability to use 3rd-party tools like WinMerge or RapidCRC to compare at a click, it’s pretty simple to view changes before committing.

Far better than other sync tools for my needs. I was looking for something to backup new and updated games from my Steam library over GB to an external drive so I can uninstall games to free up space and not have to waste bandwidth re-downloading if I want to play them again.

I accomplished what I was trying to do quickly and didn’t need to refer to the help file. The previous sync tools I had negative experiences with were DirSync Pro too complicated and Microsoft SyncToy not complicated enough to be useful. FreeFileSync has replaced my data backup software Acronis with the feature “file-versioning”. This feature can’t be emphasised enough and is more useful than most backup software that starts with a full version and then keeps incremental or differential archive formats.

Does pretty much everything I need to do better than MS Synctoy. I had started off with Synctoy hearing good things until I found out it won’t copy files that are in use. It works like a charm. I also use it to keep my music synced across 2 computers I like having it in both places as well as my Portable Apps. It reads the changes ridiculously quick, copies files in use, and the interface stays relatively responsive.

One of the best sync programs I’ve found for Windows and Ubuntu. This software has a streamlined interface that allows access to the most frequently used features quickly. But also allows many advanced tweaks like what to do with deleted files etc. The program is fully featured yet not bloated. I’ve used it for about 3 years and really haven’t found anything else this well written. Amazing program! I love it and use it every day.

Thank you for such a useful and powerful utility. I couldn’t run my photography business without it. I make sure all my important files are backed up and it allows me complete control over what gets copied over and when. It’s saved me a number of times. Thanks again. I’ve been using your tool FreeFileSync for maybe 3 years in a private environment on Windows 7 with some Linux networking and I’m happy with its ease of use and reliability.

There weren’t a lot of things that the world was missing, but FFS was one of them. I know companies who sell the same tools very expensively with licenses over 20 pages with more headache for using them.

Thank you, best wishes from Hamburg. Nothing worked, all failed for my needs. Then I found FFS. And it just works. I will donate at a later date. Thanks for your work to date on this project and your phenomenally fast responses to bug submissions. I think this is a great piece of software and will only get better with your enthusiasm. I was so impressed that I was happy to make a small donation. Keep up the good work :- — kjen I have just discovered your wonderful FreeFileSync software. For years I’ve been using ViceVersa which runs on Windows.

Now I have moved everything to Linux, and searched for a ViceVersa replacement in vain. But the discovery of FreeFileSync changed everything.

Out goes ViceVersa and I have yet another native Linux app. Just had to say that FreeFileSync is really great. It’s like the best and simplest out of all sync programs and I have tried quite a few, including famous ones. Thank you very much for your time and effort creating this software for the common good. I think your FreeFileSync application is pretty awesome. Previously I’ve been using FolderMatch v3. Really great job! Honestly, I can’t remember ever donating to free-ware before but I’m so impressed with FreeFileSync I felt it would be wrong not too!

An excellent program with several unique features of its own. Can handle some stuff that even some fully commercial products can’t.

Zenju is very responsive to queries, active in the help forums and always striving to make it better. What more can we ask? I like it so much I’ve hit up Paypal and sent him some cash. Well worth it. Thank you for your amazing work! Awesome program to sync files!

It has extended features and allows quite some customization. Batch mode allows custom automation from command line without missing features , which is very helpful for me. Best file sync tool especially for a mirror data backup. It would be nice to have an online mirror backup. Outstanding program. And it’s free!! I have used this program for about years now. And it is simply amazing. I had been looking for a program like this for years. The one I used to have was ViceVersa, until it became too expensive.

It’s so simple to use, but also customizable. You can change the behaviour of individual files. Simply the best. Zenju did such a good job creating this. The best of all I tried Synctoy, Robocopy, etc. Easily automated using Windows Task Scheduler. Support is excellent, better than I’ve ever seen from anyone!

FreeFileSync is an impeccable program that we recommend to each and every one of our customers for backing up their data.

Super software! After 3 years of use I have only good impressions! Thanks and good luck! This program is outstanding.

Very easy to use and setup. Does what it says on the tin! Easy to use and works exactly as I need. I’ve tried many other free software titles but this one beats them all! Simple, easy and fast! Definitively the best sync program available. I’ve tried multiple others, even commercial ones. No comparison to this one!

Very reliable application. It has everything you need for local files synchronization. Fast and easy to use. Allows me to sync selected directories between laptop and desktop quickly and accurately. Options include sync, two-way update, and clone. Works with Win 8. Surely the best sync application currently including paid ones.

Simply the best and works flawlessly. Meets the requirements of people who have to work on multiple systems. The best sync util I’ve found. I am using it since version 3. It is the easiest way to keep a complete synced mirror from my laptop to my desktop user’s folder. Highly recommended!!! This is the best file copy and sync program which I have ever used. The file filter specification inclusion and exclusion brings incredible power to this free software.

Thanks for showing us that free can be much better than paid software. We use this app in our 2-man team to keep Dropbox and several PCs in sync.

No issues whatsoever. Highly recommend. Very good app. Helps me sync between PCs and portable hard drives. The best backup app I’ve used. Best of all, it’s free! Works perfectly! I use it to backup files from my Uni-Server Keeps me up to date every week with one click. Great app and very useful tool. Has everything you can imagine for file synchronization. Saved my life in the most critical times Recommended to everyone. FreeFileSync just makes things easy by improving over successive versions.

Strongly recommended!! I love this application. It is simple to setup and use and extremely useful. Have used it for moving files server to server, backing up my documents, and even keeping my ISO directory in multiple places. I used Richcopy to copy terabytes of data from one set of drives to another. Then I found this tool and found that Richcopy didn’t copy thousands of files.

FreeFileSync found the missing files and copied them over for me fast and pain-free. This has to be the most useful free tool ever released. I’m a network administrator and when moving file servers, this tool outperformed Robocopy, Symantec, and many many others. I’m using this tool for quite some years now. It’s better than all the others I’ve tried before, and in addition it’s completely free! Thanks a lot for your splendid work!

Best tool for sync, we can use it on our server for folder backup. A really good program and I will always support you. One of the most useful free applications I have come across and one I use regularly.

Keep up the good work. I know how much more difficult my life would be without FreeFileSync. Best tool for folder synchronization. The different settings for the right and left side are very good. I was looking for a long time for this tool. Thank you for your great work. Works great and it’s free. Excellent, works perfectly between my MAC and my corporate server based on a Microsoft environment. The only “bad” point that I see, is the usage of Realtimesync, a tool to automatize the synchronization when a folder becomes available.

It’s not fully explained how to manage more than one directory! Most useful application. During all these years that I’ve been using it, it has gotten better and better. Just started using FFS: Majestic software for backup. I promise to donate after a few months of use. Kudos FFS Team. Great software. Requires a bit of time to set up if you want to use real-time sync, but it’s fast and easy. I’m using it to copy files to and from my portable hard disk so I can work at them both at home and at work and it works flawlessly.

I have been looking for an application like this for months!! Finally I found something that can efficiently manage all my folders photos, music, text files, applications, etc. This software is simple and easy to use, has important necessary features and best of all is quick for syncing between all these devices. Highly recommended! This is really a wonderful product developed with a specific purpose and does that job brilliantly. I love this for taking a one time backup.

This is what I have used so far. Awesome and reliable sync software you can count on. I’ve been using it for more than 3 years now. Best I have used so far for syncing. Works like a charm to sync my laptop with my external disk and my home NAS. I will not use anything else! Absolute best. I wish I could point to some issues but I can not think of any major flaws. One minor is that there is no ability to choose the installation language and so it forces an auto-detected language but that is all.

Great app. Kudos to the developers. Long-time fan and appreciative user. Best free tool I have ever found. I run it on Debian how about packaging it in. Congrats to the team and thank you. Works perfectly on Mac!!! Just the tool I dreamed of! Thanks for offering it for free! Operation is intuitive and simple while powerful features like mirroring, backup, synchronization, etc.

I’ve been searching for such a tool for a long time and tried several others. Up to now nothing is comparable to FFS. Thank you for your work. I’ve been using FFS for more than one year now and I just love it. It makes my life easier when I need to backup my files. There are several syncing options you can choose, great friendly layout.

Simply the best! Love this product. I use it to keep a backup list of all my files. Quick, easy to use, with some fantastic features. If you need to keep folders synced, this is the product to use. Very intuitive and streamlined operation. Has all the file synchronization features I need and then some. Works like a charm. Easy to use. I can’t live without it. One of the greatest little housekeeping gadgets around. Great work, thank you! Really solid utility. Fantastic features, easy to use, fast and reliable.

From a former user of SyncToy. Simply the best synchronization program. Already use it for more than 3 years and never had any problems.

I have found the sorcerer’s stone and it is FreeFileSync. Excellent product! Backing up my digital photo collection is trivial, even as I move folders around, change photo ratings, etc. Great application. A must-use for any file management solution, super rich and easy to use. Best of all!!! No doubt, forget Synctoy. Now 5 years using it on Windows without trouble.

Used to use MS synctoy but it’s so out of date you can see there is no future in it. Anyway, came across this, judged it on downloads per week and gave it a go. Project Management. Resources Blog Articles. Menu Help Create Join Login. FreeFileSync Free data backup software to synchronize files and folders Brought to you by: zenju. As of , this project can be found here. Download This project uses a 3rd-party installer, its contents have not been scanned.

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No, thanks. Fixed sync statistics if base folder existence test failed. Work around glitch in grid scrollbar size calculation. Fixed folder drag and drop failing after locale conflict macOS. Fixed incorrect mime permissions after installation Linux.

Stricter server response validation during update check. Fixed incomplete item path in log if source item is missing. Fixed installation error when running ConEmu.