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Or Maeby I’m taking this too serious That thar is some crackin’ softwar You are only legally entitled to download and install with that serial number if you have a valid license to the product! The whole thing seems fishy no matter how you look at it. Thanks Jason. List of languages.


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Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. I am a registered user of their products and logged in to see this page. I did notice these downloads were marked NonRet so I would guess they are for personal use only unless someone already owns them.

In which case it seemed that is what the initial intention was—to accommodate those folks who need to reauthorize but no longer can. Acrobat Pro. Lots of stuff there to investigate. Off to google with me to see what all this stuff actually is and to find out what there I might actually use It’s simply the Quark XPress Killer; top desktop publishing software. I already have Corel Draw so, nothing there for me personally.

Adobe bought name escapes me a nice desktop camera controller software. You could check audio levels, color scope, everything for a live to PC video recording.

When they did though, they would no longer support the original app and would not activate the software should you have a computer fail which I did.

So after all these years I get the software I paid for back again I suppose. I’m pretty sure it’s inside Premier. I know they put it inside something expensive that I didn’t need. I just hope this is legit, that Adobe is actually ok with this. In fact, I think I’ll email them just to make sure before I install it You’re like the kid reminding our teacher that she forgot to give us homework or something, Lawrence I just don’t like taking stuff without actual permission.

I am that curmudgeon who actually buys software, uses free software, or does without until I can buy or find legal free stuff. I know, what a nerd I am actually surprised at how many people who are trying to run small businesses of sorts and they still use pirated wares. Oh yeah, I’m being the nerd again I cancelled my download of Acrobat Pro.

I’ll get by without it. You have heard wrong! Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2! What is true is that Adobe is terminating the activation servers for CS2 and that for existing licensed users of CS2 who need to reinstall their software, copies of CS2 that don’t require activation but do require valid serial numbers are available.

Special serial numbers are provided on the page for each product download. You are only legally entitled to download and install with that serial number if you have a valid license to the product!

That’s disappointing. For a fleeting moment I had newfound respect for Adobe. Yeah, of course it was too good to be true looking back. Why would they release something for free and just leave it on a random page to be found. They would either make it known or not do it at all. And even if cs2 is old, handing it out still devalues their current products. Not sure what you mean by “Steinberg like,” though. Steinberg has this bad habit of confusing the heck out of people by not always being really clear about their intentions.

See the Nuendo “Music Production Kit” fiasco where the price actually didn’t change but users went nuts because Steiny didn’t explain it well enough beforehand.

I knew this was some kind of funk up. I always knew this, but this info is very hush hush. Discreet does this as well with their 3D apps.

So I guess Adobe is looking preety dumb right now. Good enough for me ;. I am happy to have downloaded Audition 3. Years ago I upgraded from Audition 1. This cost me thousands of dollars and I also lost a client and possibly many follow-on clients.

I still use my legal copy of Audition 1. Good luck trying to stuff that cat back in the bag. So why would one Adobe person say one thing and the other say something else.

Also don;t believe everything you hear from Adobe, because it depends on who you talk to. It does seem a bit odd that a company that goes out of their way to charge outrageous prices, dis-allow older versions for updates, and flat out prevent you from using software you have purchased, would then suddenly give away CS2.

I guess Hell is safe from the deep freeze after all. If you want the whole bundle, the entire Creative Suite 2 is also available for download. Download available here, with Windows and OS X versions available.

I have posted at some length on the Adobe forums in reply to Doug Isaac’s statement that downloads by those not previously holding a licence are, or were, illegal. I continue to be confidently of the opinion that if the licence says it’s legal – it says it’s ok if the program was “obtained” as opposed to purchased or bought from Adobe – then it’s legal.

You can’t change the legality of the licence retrospectively through a forum post. It looks like Adobe didn’t intend this stuff to be widely downloaded. But it’s incredibly naive of them to think that the page would sit there for a long time, probably years, and never go viral.

They should now protect the downloads by enabling access only to their customers, and change the wording of the licence. Or just let it go, put it down to experience, and win some friends. OK, their servers might get hammered for a few days but the novelty will quickly wear off. I mean, this is the internet, and yesterday is so It would be naive to think a page like that with the entire product line and all those serials would go unnoticed for anything beyond a day or two if that.

The whole thing seems fishy no matter how you look at it. What they should do is say ok it was a mistake but if you got it, just enjoy. These products were released over 7 years ago and do not run on many modern operating systems.

But to ensure that any customers activating those old versions can continue to use their software, we issued a serial number directly to those customers. While this might be interpreted as Adobe giving away software for free, we did it to help our customers. Adobe: Hello Internet.. If you have purchased our products just go to this link and use the listed serial numbers. Oh, and don’t tell anyone. Internet: Mums the word Adobe rep on their forums – “It appears the download server is now available.

Our apologies for the inconvenience the outage of the download page may have caused. It’s back!! I grabbed a copy of Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition. If I get tired of Gimp to any degree I’ll even give Photoshop a try. Illustrator is certainly going to be intresting to check out, as is Audition.

Spectral Editing It’s a good hook, if the software works. I say thank you. We’re not made of stone! Absolutely true! The other great thing is that by going to the Adobe Downloads page and searching I had initial problems trying to run Indesign, but all you need to do it make sure you have enabled all the permissions boxes in “properties” Right click on the launch link and it runs fine — and updates using the above. Does any of this work with Win?

I am running them on 7 here! Check to see if you can try that out; it should work. As for the “legality issue” I’m going to assume it is a free program without the benefit of a proper company statement, actions to correct their error such as taking down the download site or refining it or end-user license agreement changes on the origin software they’d need to change the text that displays when you install the program.

It was posted here before by Mr. Brainwreck, but it was in the lounge and I, as well as others, don’t always see posts over there. I didn’t notice any differences at all in compatibility mode for Photoshop and Illustrator. You only have to run the installers as admin in 7 bit right click the setup file. That will take care of uac popups and the registration window coming up at every startup. Same goes for the updates. With Adobe playing Maeby, saying it’s ok, then it’s not, then that they will release an official statement, soon I don’t need that kind of dumb shit.

But for anyone on the fence who is determined to use this stuff, according to their license agreement read it , so long as you “obtained” the software from Adobe, you are licensed to use it.

That’s what it says. I’ll use Gimp and Inkscape, and learn to like it. Free software is looking better and better, to me. I wonder how other people are viewing this ordeal. Or Maeby I’m taking this too serious I just don’t know, not unlike Adobe. Any way, one thing that I notice is that Illustrator’s pen tool is a real pain in the ass compared to Inkscape’s bezier and node tools.

It has a lot going for it otherwise Inkscape’s gradient tool is better, too, though. Thanks guys, I did manage to install Audition 3. So now the question might be, can and should a person register it and check for updates?

Old bug fix updates for some or all of this stuff are available, but don’t expect to get them through the Adobe updater.

Off topic again The single window thing sure helped, imo. The dialog boxes and crazy looking selections are not fun, for simple operations such as rotating, but I guess it isn’t that bad. I started the KvR thread under my Ozpeter identity having read about the giveaway on the AudioMasters site, where someone posted about it on 1st Jan.

But it wasn’t until 3rd Jan that someone there twigged the implications. I saw the thread on 5th and reposted on various forums. Whether that started the viral spread of the news I don’t know. Fascinating how this sort of thing happens on the net. My conscience is good. Not using “compatibility” mode. I registered all of them. Thanks MidiDreamer, were there any updates? I think that’s probably the main reason for registering other than making things good in your own mind.

I have known you for a long time!!!! The only reasonable poster on KvR? G’day Alan! Alan is one of only two people in the world who have met me in person after first “meeting” me on the net. I thought it was generally known now that Ozpeter and Art Evans are one and the same person not that it’s the most important thing in the world.

It would have been confusing to users to see me being openly active in two theoretically conflicting camps promoting Reaper while being active in Audition support so I split my personality and privately notified both Adobe and Justin not that any NDA applied at the Cockos end of the situation. I kept Adobe up to date with Reaper developments – which of course they could have read up on for themselves here – but due to the NDA never said anything here about Adobe developments, not that there was much of relevance to be said.

These days I have no insider connection with Adobe and am basically retired from audio work anyway so it doesn’t matter any more – if it ever did! My grandson, the real Arthur Evans, will be seven on Monday! Nice story, and good to see we’re crossing paths in another location. I’ve met some other Reaper forum members, all before my Reaper days. Runaway aka Michael, lives pretty close to where I used to live.

Very pleasant surprise to find that he’s the author of the user guide etc. And for those who’ve frequented Audition forums, we stayed with SteveG for a couple of nights when we visited the UK a while ago. Just wanted to pop into the thread and say that the Mac versions that Adobe posted there are supposedly incompatible with modern Macs as they are antique PowerPC code that is not supported under Lion or MountainLion that will not run PowerPC programs. I would imagine they’d be just fine on a Mac running under Windows using Bootcamp or Fusion as well.

XP is now 13 years old my first beta for it was back in January. In my mind they will ignore it and take the old ‘drug-dealer attitude’: “Hey kid, the first taste is free Kinda like the way the companies used to put out program demos It’s actually pretty pathetic that these apps work From XP to Windows 8 yet not on the mac due to Apple always doing switches aka from PPC to Intel It’s also pretty pathetic jumping to any occasion to bash Apple.

These apps work fine on OSX up to After that, the PPC emulator is gone. I guess they do work on windows RT? Oh well, can’t have it all. Only shows how little you really know about Macs. You can downgrade most Macs without a problem. Only the very latest Retina MB Pro will be a problem. You have to have an Adobe ID for this, or create one.

And you have to agree not to redistribute the content “as is” though you can use it freely in your own creations. Wow, it just keeps coming. Wow, so that explains, back in the olden days around here, why you were so up on the idea of “coming from CEP”!

It is in Adobe’s interest to propagate the idea of “the average person” becoming accustomed to their product line. It is really Apple’s stock in trade; for the future of both companies relies upon the familiarity of Their Way of doing things being predominant. Since for a lot of computer apps, in the 21st century we’re coming up on an era where “development” no longer means headline-busting breakthroughs. People will pick the app that seems most familiar.

Several times Microsoft has rumored to want to transition away from the current Windows x86 code, but every time their user base has screamed bloody murder and they’ve backed down. I’m interested in this part: “moving away from windows x86 code” and this as the reason for not doing so: “user base has screamed bloody murder and they’ve backed down”. One of the reasons why some people were worried about installing this activation-free version of CS2 was that Dov Isaacs of Adobe had posted on their forums that accessing this stuff by non-customers was illegal.

That whole thread has now been deleted. So anyone worried has even less reason to be. Unfortunately, it looks as though you need to arrange to enter the name of a registered user or the application simply won’t run. Message is “CAnnot start the application. The Personalization information is missing or incorrect” C’rst la guerre.. Not totally true. I just heard from another Reaper forum folk that he had success running them all.

Hmm- maybe that person is listening and can enlighten me? I would suggest googling for that error message. Various relevant discussions came up when I did that here, including some on the Adobe forums. But you might want to tell us exactly what you are trying to install, and on what OS.


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