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Create motion tween animation in Animate.(PDF) Adobe Animate CC Classroom in a Book | Aziz Assefa –

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If you were to test the movie in a browser by pressing Command- Return Mac or Ctrl- Enter PC you will see the animation play but it loops back to the start at the end of the timeline. If this is not what you want, the loop can be addressed with a Code Snippet. Keep in mind any code added to the timeline needs to be tested in the browser.

At this stage you are satisfied with the motion and the time has arrived arrived to share the file with your stakeholders for review and revision. You have a couple of choices open to you. You can also output this prototype as an.

This is a common format for projects containing motion and no interactivity and is quite easy to accomplish in Animate CC. When the new layer appears above the folder, double-click the name and rename the layer to FAB. Once it is moved into place, drag the playhead to Frame 25 and add a keyframe. This is where the FAB will start to grow. Select the Free Transform tool and, with the Shift key held down, drag out the right bottom corner of the FAB until it hangs off the bottom corner of the stage.

Add a new layer and rename it Plus. Move the playhead to frame 25 and add a keyframe. Move the playhead to frame 40 and add another keyframe. Right click between the two keyframes and select Create Motion Tween. This indicates the motion will occur between the two keyframes.

The intentionion is to have this movieclip spin while the FAB is increasing in size. By having a short duration the symbol will remain in place and not move for the balance of the movie. Move the playhead to end of the animation around Frame 39, select the symbol and, In the Properties panel change the Rotation value to 1 times.

Add three new layers named Alarm, Camera and Chat to the timeline. Select the Alarm layer and open the MovieClips folder in the Library. Dag the Alarm movie clip to stage and place it over the Plus movieclip. In the Alarm layer add a keyframe at Frame 40 and create a Motion Tween. Move your cursor to the middle of that path and you will notice your cursor is sporting a curve. Click and drag the path and it will now change from a straight line to an arc.

That graph that opens under the Layer is the Motion Editor. We want to apply an ease to the motion of the Alarm. Select Location in the Motion Editor. At the bottom of the Motion Editor you will see Add Ease. Click it to open the Easing panel. Twirl down Simple and select Slow. Double click the Alarm timeline to close the Motion Editor. Repeat steps 2 — 7 for the Camera and Chat symbols. To stagger the animations I added a keyframe to their layers about 5 frames after their first keyframe.

The three icons move into position after the Plus symbol finishes its rotation. Add a Code Snippet If you were to test the movie in a browser by pressing Command- Return Mac or Ctrl- Enter PC you will see the animation play but it loops back to the start at the end of the timeline. This will open the Actions panel. Click the Snippet button — it is the button in the top right- to open the Snippets.

The code in the snippet is added to the Code panel. Publishing And Sharing Your Prototype At this stage you are satisfied with the motion and the time has arrived arrived to share the file with your stakeholders for review and revision. Discover Motion Tween. This time-saving tool will reposition your graphics for you. Using these features will save you both time and money, whilst providing powerful effects with just a click of a button.

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Adobe animate cc create motion tween free download

You can create original content in Animate CC or import ttween from other Adobe applications such as Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC, нажмите чтобы прочитать больше design animation and multimedia, and use creatr to integrate sophisticated interactivity. Pattern Brush, editing and creating, See also curves 65—66 applying eases, — patterns, creating, 63—64 deleting, Pen tool, 55—58 vs. See graphic symbols overview of, positioning objects on, 23—25 importing, 94 sharing assets, rotating for easier drawing, 70 importing Illustrator files for use adobe animate cc create motion tween free download, Shift key Star tool, 29 88—92 constraining transformation, start-up, Adobe Animate CC, 2 adobe animate cc create motion tween free download Photoshop file for isolating rotation of individual bones of static text, 71, background, 96—99 character armature, stop action importing SVG files for use with, twsen working with anchor points, stopping animation, — inserting, SimController Adobe— stopping interactive navigation, movie clip symbols. You can use the Properties panel to decrease the Y-position value by 1 pixel or press the Down Arrow key to nudge the graphics by 1 pixel.


Adobe animate cc create motion tween free download


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